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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Center for Photography. We are a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the art and science of photography in all of its diverse aspects. As you’ll soon find out, the website is under constant development, but have patience – we’re getting there.


An Exhibition of Imagination

November 4th – November 20th, 2016

The debate about purity in photography is a longstanding one and has a rich history. However, it has reached new levels of voracity as the use of the transformative graphics software has exploded. Many shows, and even more judges, as well as members of the viewing public have been dismissive of photographs whose basic nature has been altered by the photographer in post production. Well, not anymore!

The TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition was conceived and is designed to be a showcase solely for the exceptional imagery being created by innovative photographers who use all of the tools available to them. Consider TRANSFORMATIONS to be a home base for your imagination. The entry requirements are simple, if your image was born in a camera, and you have created an image that only existed in your mind’s eye, you can enter it. Long or multiple exposures, pans, infrared, or other techniques are just as welcome as images that took hours in post to create.  


What TRANSFORMATIONS seeks to do is give the many talented artists creating enhanced imagery a venue to have their work seen by people who applaud and respect the creativity involved. We fully expect this to be one of the most visually stunning shows ever mounted! Following the huge success of our AMERICANA show, we will once again be hosting both a print and a digital exhibition running side-by-side, as well having our on-line galleries of the successful entrants – so even if you are far away, TRANSFORMATIONS will be a great show to enter.  


 Click on this link to go to the show’s Common Questions page but remember the prospectus has all the info and is the controlling document for the Transformations Exhibition. 


The AMERICANA Exhibition is returning!


OK, so it was crowded – but everyone had a really good time!

With the huge success of last year’s show we would be foolish not to try to make it even better this year! We are going to run AMERICANA in March of 2017 to hopefully avoid another 30″ snowstorm hitting us the week before we open. Same theme, same Camera Club Challenge, same Saturday discussions but all made better from experience and some new ideas! 

Late Summer Workshops at the PCP!

We are setting up a new series of workshops for the late summer that will try to account for the hectic schedules people have in today’s world. Intended are sessions for folks just starting out, cognitive composition, intermediate and advanced sessions including studio workshops, Lightroom and Photoshop offerings, as well as photo journeys. Please let us know if you are interested in these or any other subjects.! 

Coming Workshops – Gift Certificates are Always Available for a Really Special Present

Did someone special just get their first serious camera? If so, check out our workshops because photography is a lot more fun when you know what you’re doing!

The PCP’s Flickr Page

♦  The PCP has had a Flickr Group for a bit but we really hadn’t made the most of it. That’s changing and we’ve had a lot of folks join over the last month. People are really beginning to use it to provide a platform where Pennsylvania photographers can come together to share their images, knowledge, and experiences with like-minded people. Please click on this link to our Flickr page to join the group, post images, critique, and start discussions on any photographic topic. Obviously, its success is totally dependent on what we all make of it, so feel free to share the link with friends and members of other photographic groups to which you may belong. Everyone is welcome except Trolls and not-nice people so please join us! 

New Affiliation

  We are excited to announce a new affiliation between the PCP and Stephanie Lisle. Anyone who knows Stephanie, which includes most of Pennsylvania’s photographic community, knows that she is a dynamic woman dedicated to promoting photography and art in Bucks County and beyond. We look forward to working with her and together we will be offering teenage and adult workshops (see below), create joint exhibits and opportunities unique to the art of photography. It’s going to be fun!!!   



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