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AMERICANA is back!

The deadline for entering is coming up fast!!!!

Call for Photography Closes 2/20/2017

Exhibition Dates: March 24 – April 9, 2017


2016 was such a turbulent year that we decided we would hold off on starting our next AMERICANA Exhibition and get a fresh start in 2017. So to begin the New Year on a high note, at 12:01 AM EST on January 1, 2017, AMERICANA will open for entries! Last year’s show was a huge success. The gallery was packed with people viewing incredibly good photographs and this year it is going to be even bigger and better.

The PCP’s hallmark of running both print and digital exhibitions concurrently will return once again as will the very popular Camera Club Challenge. The only major change comes from the realization, following last year’s show, that the term “Americana” means very different things to different people. To some it meant Norman Rockwell’s America, while others had no idea who Norman Rockwell was. So to make things simple and to be as inclusive as possible, the only thematic requirements are that the images be taken in the United States and that they are really good!

Don’t overthink this: if it was taken in the USA, it is eligible, as it reflects a piece of this country that you felt was important enough to photograph. It can be a western landscape or an urban street scene. It can be a portrait or a flock of sheep or a pack of wolves. It can be a flag flying, an eagle soaring, or a bunch of geese (even if they are Canadian). It can be something old or something new. It can have social, political, or personal meaning. It can be touching, disturbing, or humorous. It can be B&W or in color. It can be straight out of the camera or manipulated in post. If it represents any part of the American experience to you, then it is eligible. Simple, isn’t it?

The entry deadline is February 20, 2017 at 11:59 PST.


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OK, so last year’s show was super crowded – but that’s a good thing and everyone had a great time!

Workshops at the PCP

We have two great workshops scheduled for January of 2017. Here is the current list, just click on each for full details! 

Foundations of Photography

Lightroom for Pragmatic People



Photographs by Tom Chambers and Ali Majeska



The PCP’s Flickr Page

♦  The PCP has had a Flickr Group for a bit, but we really hadn’t made the most of it. That’s changing and we’ve had a lot of folks join over the last month. People are really beginning to use it to provide a platform where Pennsylvania photographers can come together to share their images, knowledge, and experiences with like-minded people. Please click on this link to our Flickr page to join the group, post images, critique, and start discussions on any photographic topic. Obviously, its success is totally dependent on what we all make of it, so feel free to share the link with friends and members of other photographic groups to which you may belong. Everyone is welcome except Trolls and not-nice people so please join us! 




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