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The Pennsylvania Center for Photography is located in a historic mansion at 181 East Court Street, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901. We are a block and a half from the Bucks County Courthouse on one of the prettiest streets in beautiful Doylestown. This late 19th century building offers the perfect blend of space and aura for the Center and the studios and main gallery are on the second floor.

We are located diagonally across the street from Salem Church and our building is the one with the circular drive with large stone pillars on both the entrance and the exit to the driveway. The building is set back from the street and the street number is on a large sign near the sidewalk that says Salem Education Center. It doesn’t serve that purpose any more and we are in that building. Perhaps the best way to find the building is that if you are on Court St. heading out of town the entrance is the first driveway on the left past Church St.. If you are coming in from 313, it is the last driveway on the right before Church St.

There is significant on-site parking available and meter-free parking is also allowed on both sides of the street. 

Special note: If you are coming for an exhibition opening and our lot is full, there is a public lot one block closer to town at the corner of Court and Broad St. The entrance to that lot is on Broad Street and it is restricted to courthouse employees during the day but available to the public on weekend evenings

man-Freeman_DSC1734We are working to get the Center into full-time operation but we haven’t gotten there yet. If you are planning on stopping by it’s best to call first to make sure we are there.

Telephone 215-989-2630

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181 East Court Street, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901

Note, if you do a Google map search, the PCP is actually one building to the left of what will be shown on Google’s map (see corrected map below). If you zoom in, we are in the building incorrectly labeled “Building Blocks Learning Center.” (The error has been reported multiple times.) We are diagonally across the street from Salem Church in the stone and wood sided building with a circular driveway that has stone pillars on each end.  Please take a look at the picture of the building as it will help you identify it when you arrive. Please note that the building immediately to our right is red brick and is a private residence. If you are about to ring the doorbell of large red brick house you are in the wrong place. Please leave them in peace and come next door and visit us instead!

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