The 3rd Annual

AMERICANA Exhibition


Call for Photography Ends February 14, 2018


March 16 – April 8, 2018 

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181 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901

The AMERICANA Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Center for Photography has grown into one of the Northeast’s premier photographic shows. It consists of both a traditional print exhibition as well as a digital exhibition for photographers who are too far away to deliver physical prints or who otherwise do not wish to print their images. The digital exhibition is shown on a 65″ 4K screen and is very popular with photographers and the audience alike. Historically, the show has drawn entries from 20+ states and a variety of foreign countries.  In addition, the AMERICANA Exhibition features our unique Camera Club Challenge, which, despite stiff competition, has been won by the Princeton Photography Club for two years in a row. Please click on the button below for details.

There are only two absolute rules for the AMERICANA 2018 Exhibition. The first is that the photograph must have been taken in the United States and the second is that it has to be good.

The purpose of such open criteria is the recognition that the term “Americana” can mean many different things to different people and we want to be as inclusive as possible. Merriam-Webster defines “Americana” as “materials concerning or characteristic of America, its civilization, or its culture; broadly : things typical of America.” One’s view of what is “typical of America” may vary greatly dependent on his/her age and where he/she grew up. To some older folks, Americana may mean Norman Rockwell style country churches in quaint Vermont villages, but if you are 25 and grew up in an urban environment, your view of America is probably considerably different.

With such wide potential, it is only fair that we give you some hints of what we are going ask the judge to look for…

Images that show America in context. While a beautiful studio picture of a rose on black may fit the base criteria (shot in the USA and a high quality image), it will probably lose out to a shot of equal quality of the wildflowers at Mount Rainier. Likewise, a close-up of graffiti may fall short in comparison to a shot that shows the context of the urban art.

Images that tell a story or invoke a strong feeling will have a big leg up. We are looking for powerful images that will make people stop and think. Please don’t think that means “dark” or “negative”. A photograph of a fireman rescuing a cat is just as much Americana as an image depicting homelessness or a political protest.  

Images which are thoughtfully different and unique. Although AMERICANA is a big show, it is also an elite show and less than 20% of the photographs entered will get in. This means yours have to stand out from the crowd, so get creative. Express yourself to the fullest and let your vision of America really shine through.

Please take a few minutes and read our blog post on judging. The tips it contains will help with AMERICANA and virtually every other competition that you enter.

What subjects are OK…

People, animals, landscapes, urban settings, boats, rivers, lakes, buildings, events, photojournalism, etc. etc. etc.. You get the idea – virtually anything is fine.

What subjects are not OK…

We get a lot of families coming to the show so please avoid graphic violence, sex, and animal cruelty. If you aren’t sure, email and ask us if it is OK before submitting.

Some basic questions answered…

Are B&W photographs OK?     –     Of course!

Are HDR or other manipulated images OK?     –      Of course! Here’s a hint though: don’t use post processing to try to save a bad image; use it to make a good image better.

Are cell phone pictures allowed?     –     If they are good, but please note that while a cell phone pic modified by the latest whirling dervish app may impress your relatives, it is not likely to garner more than a yawn from most judges.

Do I have to live in the United States to enter?     –     No! Typically, AMERICANA gets entries from around the world and we love to see how people from different countries view America.

Do I have to be a member of a camera club to enter?     –     No! 

Is the show juried or does everyone get in?     –     Yes, the show is juried and the competition is stiff. That’s what makes it worth entering!

What does it cost to enter AMERICANA?     –     The entry fee is $25.00 for two images and $5.00 for each additional image.

Is there a commission on sales made at the show?     –     Yes. The gallery commission is 30% and goes toward keeping the PCP operational. 



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