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At the PCP we always try to make things interesting. When we decided to do our first AMERICANA Exhibition, we also came up with the idea of involving the legions of camera clubs and seeing which one has what it takes to come out on top when competing with an unrestricted number of other clubs. The Camera Club Challenge (CCC) is a competition within a competition. While all of the photographs entered into the AMERICANA Exhibition will be submitted and judged individually and the winners honored as individuals, we have added a camera club component to make things even more exciting.

Here’s how it works… On the application form(s) there will be an entry area for train-1
the applicant to submit the name of the camera club (if any) to which he/she is affiliated. We will group all of the entries from each club and tabulate the scores based on a weighted formula that gives a higher value for those entries that are accepted into the show, but gives overall value for entries submitted by one club. In other words, every submission counts towards the club’s total, but accepted artwork counts for more.

The camera club that scores the most points will get their own exhibition of up to 50 images that will run on a hi-def, large screen display for the entirety of the show.  In addition, the PCP website will host a gallery of the displayed images and the winning club’s name will be featured prominently in advertising and social media for the show.

The winning club will be responsible for selecting the images they want to display on their digital display. Clubs may want to consider hosting an internal competition as part of their programming in advance of the AMERICANA jurying to avoid a time crunch in the event that they win the CCC.

This is going to be a yearly event and it is going to be good!  The best of the best are going rise to the top, so the challenge is on!

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