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The intention of the Masters Gallery is quite simple; we want to build a depository of the best images of Pennsylvania created by the best photographers working in Pennsylvania.

With the millions of images that are floating around on the Net, and the millions of people who pretend to be photographers with their cell phones, it has become increasingly difficult for the truly talented photographers to differentiate themselves from the masses. This forum is intended to provide that distinction and, in time, will become a valued mark of achievement. In addition, the galleries will provide consumers of photography a robust source of Pennsylvania stock images and a reference point for locating capable photographers for assignments.

Inclusion in the Masters Gallery is juried and by invitation only to members of the Center who have consistently displayed exceptional talent and have developed a body of work that reflects a high degree of professionalism. Below are the requirements and process that is utilized to select Masters.

General Guidelines

1.   The applicant must be a member of the Pennsylvania Center for Photography. For membership information please click here.

2.   The applicant must have at least 25 images that, if accepted, they will submit for inclusion in their gallery. The maximum number of images that will be displayed in any single Master’s Gallery is 100.

3.   At least 90% of the submitted images must be available for sale as fine art prints and/or digital downloads for print or web use. The PCP charges a commission rate of 25% (see below) and each Master is responsible for setting their own prices and licensing terms.


1.   There is no cost to apply for Master status.

2.   You may apply yourself, be recommended by a third party, or be asked to apply if we have seen your work.

3.   A request for consideration must be made by filling out the….[maxbutton id=”3″] 

4.   If you don’t have a website that we can reference, please send 15 images that represent your style and quality standards to [email protected] with the subject line “Masters Application.” Please be sure to include your contact info so that we can match your email to your application.

The Decision Making Process

The decision to offer a photographer Master status (or not) is group process and all decisions to accept an applicant must be unanimous.

The make-up of the reviewing group will vary and the names of those judging will never be disclosed to the applicant.  Those judging look for: overall quality, skill level, uniqueness of vision, composition, tonality, visual impact, and all of the other factors that go into making a great image. If you send us sample images with sensor dust in the sky there isn’t much of a chance that your application will be looked upon favorably.

We want the Master classification to be of real value and reflect real accomplishment. Please remember that for the Masters galleries we are looking for proven, elite shooters who are capable of creating great images with regularity. If you don’t get accepted that doesn’t mean that you aren’t good. However, if you do get accepted, it means that you really are.  

If accepted…

A contract will be forwarded to you that will describe the commission structure (25% commission on all sales), the nature of the relationship (non-exclusive), your commitment to fulfill orders promptly and your agreement to pay commissions on sales that originate from the PCP but may be concluded without PCP involvement.

You will be forwarded instructions for prepping your images including size, color space, titling, watermarking, keywording, etc.  

Instructions will be provided for transferring images to the PCP via Dropbox.

Costs to the Photographer

There is a $100.00 offset charge for setting up each gallery, providing the appropriate links, and assigning pricing. The PCP is a non-profit organization and this charge does not cover the true cost of getting each gallery on-line.   

The PCP collects a 25% commission on all sales. This income is used to support the operations of the Center including, but not limited to, the promotion of the galleries to consumers of photography (sales) and the ancillary costs associated with those sales.  





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