Lightroom for Pragmatic People

Lightroom for Pragmatic People

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It’s a rarity to find absolutes in the world of digital photography, but here are two:

1.)  Every image leaving your camera can be made better with good post processing.

2.)  If you are serious about your photography you need Lightroom. More importantly, you need to know how to use it.


While there are other, similar programs out there, Lightroom is the standard and for good reason. It is simply better, easier to use, more efficient, and more robust than any of its competitors. Even for professionals, Lightroom can handle the majority of post processing tasks. The program offers generalized controls that impact the picture on the whole and adjustment brushes that allow you to alter specific areas of the image. 

The workshop will focus on the core benefits of Lightroom including image modification and utilizing the program’s strong file management options. While Lightroom has many advanced features such as book making, slide shows, and more, we won’t be dealing with them in this workshop. Instead we’ll be focusing on those items that you’ll use on a day-to-day basis to make your images stronger and your file management more manageable. This workshop is intended to get you actually working in Lightroom, not to be a brain boggling exploration of all of the program’s features.  

The workshop will be in three parts. The first evening we will go over the basics of using Lightroom and various file management options and techniques. The second evening we’ll focus on the myriad of editing options that can dramatically improve your images and your workflow. The final evening will be devoted to the class’s experience in using the program and we’ll deal with problems and questions that the participants encountered while actually using it.  

What you will need for the workshop:

Lightroom is almost impossible to learn without being hands on so a laptop loaded with Lightroom is essential. We also strongly recommend bringing a mouse!!!!!! Some of the Lightroom options are very difficult to control with just a track pad and you’ll thank us for this recommendation. 

We will be working with Lightroom CC. If you do not own Lightroom CC you can download a free 30 day trial from Adobe. If you have an earlier version of the program, much of what we discuss will be similar, but there were some big changes after V.4, so some important features will not be accessible and we recommend that you download the free trial as well.

Skill Level: Beginner with basic computer knowledge.


$115.00 PCP members

$145.00 Non-Members

The workshop will be limited to 8 people to ensure individual attention and the Center reserves the right to cancel the workshop if fewer than 4 people sign up. 

Please make checks payable to:

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