The Pennsylvania Center for Photography – in association with Stephanie Lisle, is pleased to be offering a workshop specifically designed to address the needs of creative teens looking to advance their photographic skills.

This is not your common “how to use your camera” workshop but rather we’ll be delving into the creative process and how to use your camera to create photographs, and not merely take pictures. The workshop will be taught by Henry Rowan who is a professional, national award winning photographer. Henry’s approach to teaching photography is very different and rooted in his concepts of Cognitive Composition™ and Non-Existent Imagery which results in a fun and inventive learning environment.


“One should study the science of photography if you want to be a scientist. If you want to be an artist with a camera, then learn what you need to know to create your vision and keep learning as that vision expands. At that point you are excited, interested, and driven to learn new techniques because they have meaning to you.” – Henry Rowan

This workshop is designed for teens in grades 9-12 or entering their freshman year of college.


Advanced Beginner/Intermediate 5 Week Session – $250 per student ($225 for members)

Please call for availability, 5 student min/ 8 student max 

Workshop Curriculum

  • Cognitive Composition™ (Pre Visualization, Visualization and Post Visualization)

  • Advanced Understanding of Exposure (Controlling Tonality and Textures)

  • Using Different Lenses and their Focal Lengths Effectively and Creatively

  • Advanced Understanding of Depth of Field and its Creative Potential

  • Postproduction

  • Walkabout/Location Shoot



All students must provide and be familiar with the use of a DSLR, have an understanding of their camera’s manual settings, and basic knowledge of exposure (aperture, shutter speed and ISO). Students also need access to a computer outside of class time. Photo editing software is a plus.

Workshop and Class Venue

PA Center For Photography 

181 East Court Street 

Doylestown, Pa 18901 

(The building with the circular driveway diagonally across from Salem Church.) 

Click for more specific directions: 

Registration and Payment

Please email [email protected] or call 267-247-6634 for questions and to register.

Please send check payable to “PA Center for Photography”

c/o Stephanie Lisle

3682 Dogwood Lane

Doylestown, PA 18902


“Composition is much more than where image elements are placed within the picture; good composition is a rational, cognitive process that requires the photographer to think rather than just click.” – Henry Rowan



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